4 Agriculture Apps That Will Help Growers Farm Smarter in 2017

agriculture appsGraeme Paterson

The phrase “work smarter, not harder” is popular for a reason – there’s truth behind it. For an industry that requires non-stop hard work, any break given with a more efficient strategy can make all the difference. Smart farming decisions helps growers reduce costs; increase yield and maximize profits while being extremely efficient. We have offered suggestions on agriculture apps before and thought we would start the year by suggesting a few more apps for you to consider.

Here are four apps, recently recommended by CropLife Magazine, that growers should consider implementing into their management process to help make smarter and more efficient decisions.

1. Nutrient ROI Calculator

The web-based ROI calculator, released by PotashCorp’s eKonomics incorporates spatial variability, which provides growers with a more accurate reflection of expected nutrient response in production-sized agriculture.

agriculture apps - nutrient ROI calculatorImage source

2. Pocket Rain Gauge

The Pocket Rain Gauge, developed by Agrible, is an app that provides growers with a accurate, location-specific rainfall measurements delivered instantly. Growers can log into their free Morning Farm Report account to get rainfall totals for all their fields tied to the account. The app also includes feedback functionality so growers can let Agrible know how accurate its measurements are. App is available using an iPhone, iPad and Android.

agriculture apps - pocket rain gageImage source

3. Sirrus Premium Upgrade

Sirrus Premium Upgrade, developed by SST, helps agronomists and growers collaborate on farming decisions by making field data accessible and easy to collect. The app is available using an iPhone and iPad.

sirrus premium agriculture appImage source

4. Descartes Crops

Descartes Labs provides weekly yield forecasts for states and counties in the U.S. through its Descartes Crop app. The app allows growers to see their county’s end of year yield, now. They can add additional states and counties to see their forecasted yield as well. The app is available using an iPhone and iPad.

Descartes Crop agriculture appImage source

Mobile apps have become a game changer for growers and ag retailers who are constantly on the go. These and many other apps available today will allow them to perform critical tasks and make crucial decisions wherever and whenever.

Original Source: Leaders of In-Furrow Technology, West Central

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