Harvest for Hunger

Help put a meal on the table to those in need within our local area.

We are in the business of feeding the world, which is why our annual Harvest for Hunger campaign is an important part of what we do through CHS Country Operations. Though these rural communities are growing the crops that are feeding a hungry world, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hunger right here — the family next door, the neighbor down the street. We may not know who in our communities are going hungry, but through our Harvest for Hunger campaign, we are helping local and regional food shelves feed those people in need.

In Nebraska, 227,350 people are struggling with hunger – and of them 82,070 are children.

1 in 8 people struggle with hunger in Nebraska.

How can you help put a meal on the table to those in our local area?

Harvest for Hunger is a fundraiser exclusive to CHS, we care about the issue of hunger in the United States and we are dedicated to do what we can to alleviate hungry citizens. This fundraiser not only raises awareness and funds aimed towards food poverty, but also focuses on kicking dollars back into our communities. If CHS Wausa raises funds, CHS Inc. will match that funding! These funds will will come back to the community in form of donations towards local projects and academics.

We are having our annual Fish Fry March 15th at the Wausa Auditorium. All you can eat fish from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Sides include beans, salad, dinner roll and desert. $10 for Adults (Junior High and up) and $5 for Kids (K-6)

We will be raffling tickets for some great prizes! Tickets are $10 for 1 ticket, $25 for 3 tickets or $85 for 10 tickets.

Great opportunity to support the community..we cannot wait to see you all there!

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