New equipment reduces operational noise at Sharon Springs elevator

CHS United Plains Ag has reduced noise levels at its Sharon Springs grain facility by adding silencers to grain-handling equipment, visible under the hoods shown on each side of the bin.

CHS United Plains Ag recently installed new equipment in its Sharon Springs grain elevator to reduce noise levels for the Sharon Springs community.

The new fan silencers will enable the facility to run its cooling and drying equipment more efficiently while reducing noise inside and around the facility. The silencers will direct sound up into the air, sending less noise out into the surrounding neighborhood.

“Our facilities sometimes have to run long hours, especially during harvest, so we are committed to getting the work done while supporting our community’s needs,” says Eric Starns, grain department manager for CHS United Plains Ag. “Improved noise control also helps protect the health and safety of our employees, cooperative owners and customers who visit our facilities. We want to continue to listen and work with the communities in which we operate.”

The silencers were installed by Tiernan Aeration of Amarillo, Texas, in early September.

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